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Ugo Lucio Borga is an italian writer and photojournalist. His work has always focused on the wars, humanitarian crises, social and environmental issues in Africa, South America, Middle East, Asia, Europe.

Has made depth reportages worldwide covering, among others, the Arab Spring, the civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Somalia, Libya, Syria, South Sudan, Mali, Afghanistan, Philippines, religious clashes in northern Lebanon, the Eritrea dictatorship, the Ukraine war, the Iraq war against the Islamic State.

His articles and reports have appeared in many newspapers, magazines, TV and radio including Time magazine, TimeLightbox, Ozy (USA), The Guardian, The Observer, The Independent, Channel4 (England), Die Zeit, Die Welt, Frankfurter Rundschau, Neue Zurker Zeitung, Brigitte, Cicero (Germany), La Vanguardia Magazine, Zazpika magazine (Spain), La Croix, Courrier international (France), Die Presse (Austria), Tyzden (Slovakia), Haaretz (Israel) Gazeta Wyborcùza (Poland), Alpha Magazine, Al Jazeera (UAE), Woz, RSI Laser (Switzerland), Africa Magazine, Diario, Espresso, Jesus, Millennium, Altraeconomia, Il Giornale, Il Manifesto, Eyesopen, Sole24Ore, GQ, Africa, Vps, Panorama, PeaceReporter, LifeGate, Rolling Stone, Il messaggero di Sant'Antonio, il Riformista, Sportweek, La Stampa, Vanity Fair, il Venedrì di Repubblica, Corriere della Sera, Mondadori (Strade Blu), RAI-3, Rainews24, Sky Thg24 Jetlag, Radio24

He’s president of Six Degrees Association, which brings together journalists, photographers and professionals in various sectors of the economy, culture, art and safety. We wish to devote our time, skills and resources to analyzing and reporting on conflicts, especially focused on forgotten wars, ethnic conflicts, religious and racial unrests; moreover we monitor political and social instability and issues connected with immigration, poverty, marginalization and discrimination in every part of the world. The Six Degrees Association also aims to enhance the traditions and culture of ethnic and linguistic minorities and to denounce their persecutions in every part of the world.

He published the books:

Il sudario di latta-taccuini di Guerra-MarcoValerio Edizioni

Soldat 1- guerra in Ucraina- Musumeci Editore

La Luna si nasconde- diari dall'Africa in guerra-MarcoValerio Edizioni

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